Tina Chang | Degreed Personal Trainer

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About Tina

Fitness became an indispensable part of my life during middle school when I began participating in swimming, basketball and volleyball clubs for fun. Once very physically inactive, fitness has tremendously improved my wellbeing and enhanced my lifestyle. I am also a dancer with eight years of experiences performing in classical ballet, modern, jazz, and tap pieces.


Fitness can be fun! If I can do it, you can do it too. It is never too late to do anything or change anything. Our desire to improve is what drives us to keep going. Nothing is impossible when we challenge ourselves.


My Approach

Workouts should not be “work.” Fitness is a lifestyle. With my experience in training, my education background and my passion in health and fitness, I am here to help you achieve and exceed your goals and ensure that you stay inspired and motivated by customized, challenging, and fun training sessions. By taking one tiny step out of your comfort zone, transformation begins. Exercises do not get easier; you only get happier and stronger.


What You Will Get

Personalized workout programs that meet your fitness goals

Body composition measurements and fitness assessments periodically (if desired)

Stretching and flexibility tips

Constant support and encouragement to keep you motivated



ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED First Aid

B.S. with Honor in Exercise Science

Zumba Instructor


Areas of Speciality

Weight Loss

Bodyweight training

Strength and Conditioning (Firming and toning)

Flexibility and Coordination

Balance and Stability



“Tina is really knowledgeable, patient, focuses on postures and corrects them. She is really careful with me and always tells me the benefit of every exercise we do and its variations.”         – Deepali A.

“Tina is really professional. The plan she introduced to me does fulfill my needs, even in a better way. She is really patient and knowledgeable in dealing with some common issues a beginner might encounter. She can easily pick out my incorrect gestures and verbally guide me towards the right ones. She is an awesome trainer to work with!” – Jay L.

“Tina is extremely good! I am a soccer player and she helped me a lot with stretching and movements. I had a backache and she has her own ways of improving those problems. Definitely try her abs work out. Love it!”  - Karan G.