Sarah Newsom | Certified Personal Trainer


About Sarah

From day one, fitness has always been a core aspect of Sarah's life. She grew up playing soccer for 6 years, 2 years of basketball, and 3 years of Varsity Track doing pole vault. In addition to the athletic world, Sarah was also very involved in Modern Dance for her last 2 years of high school.

While she greatly enjoyed playing sports, dance was always a personal favorite for the freedom it gave her to artistically express emotion through movement. Dance also gave Sarah a great appreciation for the relationship between music and exercise. She is always extremely mindful to enhance her workout motivation and energy through good music selection.

As soon as college began, Sarah took a strong interest in weight lifting to understand how to improve her performance in dance and sport. Sarah also took up downhill mountain biking during her second year of college and has been hooked ever since Sarah is currently studying kinesiology at California Polytechnic University. During her first 3 years, she made massive strides in improving her own body composition as well as improving the body composition and strength of her friends. In addition to body composition, she has constantly changed and improved her workout programs to cater to the needs of her friends and peers.


My Approach 

Through studying kinesiology, Sarah knows how to coach people to get results according to the latest research. However, she also has a deep understanding for what coaching methods work in real life practice. She knows how to take a coaching strategy she has learned in the classroom and make a real life result out of it, as well as implement strategies she has picked up from her own experiences in the gym.

She believes that the most valuable learning experiences happen in practice, you have to think on your feet and constantly adapt your training methods to be a successful trainer. She knows that every person is different in terms of what it takes to be personally successful, everyone has a different life and a different struggle.

Sarah is an excellent listener, she strives to understand her clients to build them customized programs to make each individual motivated and reach their goals.


ACSM Personal Training Certification

BS Kinesiology, California Polytechnic University (Graduation date 2017)