Physical Therapy

If you have an injury whether acute or chronic Jenny and Jon, both graduates from UCSF/SFSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program can provide you with a diagnosis and course of treatment so that you know not only what is going on but what to do in order to heal more quickly.

Physical Therapy services are offered at our TRAINER SF location in SOMA/South Beach, inside OMpower at 66 Townsend Street or in the Mission at 2 Clinton Park, off Valencia St.


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Physical Therapists

Jenny Ide-Don

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Pilates Instructor

Jenny draws on 15 years of training in dance, training in classical pilates, and extensive clinical experience working as a physical therapist in outpatient clinics to create programs that address her client’s specific needs and goals.

Jonathan Ide-Don

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Jon believes in empowering clients by teaching them the tools they need to help treat themselves.

20-min Physical Therapy Consultation

We offer 20-min free consultations and can answer any questions that you may have about physical therapy.

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Physical Therapy Studio Locations

Mission District

2 Clinton Park, off Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94103


South Beach | inside OMpower

66 Townsend

San Francisco, CA 94107


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LOCATIONS (Mission & SOMA/South Beach)

2 Clinton Park, San Francisco, CA 94103

66 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94107