Kristin Sato | Degreed Personal Trainer


About Krisin

Being physically active has always been a core part of my life and identity. I swam competitively for 12 years, played club soccer for 10 years, played varsity and college club water polo for 4 year and now participate in competitive/charity running events.

Physical activity translated to my studies in college and I thrived in my Kinesiology curriculum. I truly believe that exercise is one of the most positive influences in my life and can be in others as well. I want to help people discover the expansive benefits of exercise that I have been lucky enough to experience myself.


My Approach 

My personal training philosophy combines exercise and education. Knowledge about healthy lifestyle habits gives you the power to improve your life. And I believe that exercise is an empowering tool that enables you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Training with me will provide a support system, a knowledge foundation, and the tools to sustain a healthy life.


What You Will Get

Initial consultation discussing current health fitness status and main goals

Body composition and blood pressure measurements for baseline fitness (if desired)

Formulated workout regimen designed to attain personal goals

Current information about the most effective techniques and trends

A supportive trainer who genuinely wants you to succeed!



B.S. in Kinesiology

ACSM Exercise Physiologist

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Certified Peer Health Educator through BACCHUS

Physical Therapy Aide

Swim Coach

HIPPA certified


Areas of Speciality

Weight loss

Muscle tone

Injury prevention



Balance and stability training 


“Kristin is the best. She is very informed about how each exercise relates to anatomy and explains in accessible language how specific moves impact my body. She challenged me to achieve my fitness goals while maintaining a personable and compassionate attitude. I won't work with anyone else!” - Alison C. 
“I had always been nervous and intimidated to have a trainer, afraid that they would point out all of the insecurities I have in the gym, but Kristin made me feel very comfortable. She is incredibly knowledgeable and came in prepared with a plan to help me best meet my goals. Kristin is an amazing trainer and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone and everyone!” - Marta S. 
“I had given up on a Personal Trainer because the ones that I have tried (and I have tried many) never listened to my needs. What brought me to Kristin was that I really needed help with my upper body. Much to my delight, Kristin listened and she tailored our training to mostly upper body routines. I am so happy I have found her and I always looking forward to our work together.” - Kelly H. 
“I came to Kristin because I had pain in my knees. The pain was at the point where I almost gave up on volleyball. Being a former competitive athlete herself, Kristin was easy to talk to and knew exactly what I was going through. After being consistent with my workouts, my knees have improved and I can enjoy volleyball again!” - Jessica B. 

"She's amazing and personable. She understands how the body works and the best ways to workout without hurting yourself. Her workouts were difficult, but fun! She pushed me too my limits and I would recommend her to any of my friends! Can't wait to continue my weekly workouts with her!" - Sabrina H.