Kolten Lundholm | Certified Exercise Physiologist


About Kolten

With the belief that exercise is the key to fixing many of the human body's poor biomechanics and
posture, Kolten is an advocate of obtaining a proper body screen assessment to help build an
individualized workout regimen; followed by learning and performing each exercise with control
and proper biomechanics. Having trained in multiple settings, including commercial gyms, inpatient
and outpatient physical therapy/cardiac rehab clinics, as well as teaching martial arts/self-defense,
Kolten brings a wealth of knowledge to apply to each client’s unique body and lifestyle.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Strength

  • Aches and pains reduction

  • Flexibility

  • Posture

  • Weight management


Bachelors in Exercise Physiology

ACSM - Exercise Physiologist

NCCPT Certified in Flexibility + Strength + Senior Fitness

TBMM - Corrective Exercise Specialist