Jake Molina | Certified Personal Trainer


About Jake

Jacobo is a NCCPT certified trainer with a passion for kettlebells, handbalancing, circus arts, animal movements, and old time strongman work. He believes that health and fitness is about being a jack of all trades. Mastering a broad variety of skills to help fill your fitness and wellness "toolbox" with all the "tools" is the easiest way to bulletproof your practice against injuries, lack of structure, and boredom. When he was younger he suffered a fractured vertebrae which led him to pursue more yoga and stretching styles which in turn allowed him more freedom in his day to day life. He wants to share and allow people that same freedom because we all live to move and move to live. The better our movement quality, the more the quantity of our freedom grows. 


Training Tip

Dehydrating a muscle by 3% can cause a 10% loss in strength. Stay hydrated!



NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer 


Areas of Specialty

  • Kettlebells

  • Animal Movements

  • Traditional Yoga

  • Stretching and Pandiculation

  • Body Awareness and Control