Jose Gonzalez | Degreed Personal Trainer


About Jose

My passion for fitness and exercise begin at a very young age. Exercise puts meaning into my life and identity. While being a former NCAA DII collegiate Track and Cross Country runner. Running taught me so many valuable lessons in life. Being a student in the field of exercise science taught me the importance of exercise at the physical, mental, and the theoretical aspects that exercise is medicine towards an overall healthy body, mind, and spirit. I want to bring my experiences, as a former athlete, personal trainer, and current graduate exercise physiology student to make a positive influence in all my prospective clients through exercise.


My Approach

My training style incorporates the latest effective scientific research evidence training techniques to make a positive impact in the body, mind, and spirit. It starts by building the mind towards developing lifelong positive behaviors and habits that will lead toward a fitness lifestyle. The body is developed through the latest scientific evidence proven exercises that target multiple muscles, incorporate proper form and technique for reduced risk of injury, and increase metabolism that leads to enhance body composition, strength, and overall health and wellness. Through exercise, the spirt is developed toward a positive life of fulfillment, purpose, and faith.


What You Will Get

A well designed exercise program that meets your specific needs and goals. 

Endless positive motivation to keep you moving along towards your goals

Monthly fitness assessments to keep track of you goals and motivate you.

A challenging but fun exercise program that will keep you motivate it. 



ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 

B.S. Kinesiology-Pre-Physical Therapy Option from CSU East Bay

M.S. Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology from San Francisco State University (in progress)

CPR/AED/First Aide Certified

Physical Therapy Aide

Former Collegiate NCAA Division II Cross Country and Track Athlete (CSU East Bay)

CSU East Bay Track and Field School History All Time List Top Ten Performer in the 10,000 meters.


Areas of Speciality

Weight loss 

Strength and conditioning (general and sport specific)

Core strengthening and stability 


Post-physical therapy strengthening and stretching

5k to marathon coaching


"Not only did I pass, I exceeded my expectations in the time I ran 2 miles (from 20 minutes to 15:20 minutes)." - Jerry Estrellado
"He designed a comprehensive, challenging, and fun program, to help me lose weight and improve my strength. Within few weeks, I started to notice results." - Marilena Williams
"Very polite and friendly trainer." - Ramachandra
"Jose didn't want me to just run but he  wanted to challenge me and test my limits in running. He brought my mile time from 6:00 min to 5:33." - Oscar Flores