Jonas Rivera | Degreed Personal Trainer, Level II


About Jonas

My personal training career began in New York City in 2012, where I completed the Focus Personal Training Institute's 300-hour Personal Training Theory and Application certificate course. In the years that followed I refined my skills training at Focus Integrated Fitness, Equinox, Active Sports Clubs, and instructing many small group fitness classes throughout San Francisco.

Fitness has been an important part of my life since I became involved in team athletics in high school, and it gives me great satisfaction to share what I have learned with others who seek the physical and mental benefits that consistent training offers.


My Approach 

Our physical body is the tool through which we interact with our world. My approach to personal training aims to make that tool as effective as possible. When our bodies are strong, flexible, balanced, and resilient we are much better equipped to maximize our quality of life. I strive to bring about those qualities in my clients through customized resistance and conditioning training.

What You Will Get

A well-designed training program tailored to meet your specific fitness goals

Regular physical assessments to track your progress

Loads of positive encouragement to keep you going when things get though

Easy to understand instruction that will enrich your understanding of your body



NCCPT Personal Trainer

Focus Personal Training Institute Graduate

B.A., Psychology, Brown University


Areas of Specialty

HIIT Training

Resistance training for weight loss


Boot camps


Jonas was very insightful on keeping good form throughout and was able to keep me motivated even though I haven't been active in years. He paid very lose attention to each participant and all around has great energy! Definitely plan in seeing him again next week when I recover from my first class! - V, age 26
My session with Jonas was my first experience with HIIT and he did an excellent job in welcoming me.  The sessions was a great mix of cardio and strength. I highly recommend Jonas and I'll be back for more! - S, age 38
Jonas was super professional and fund to work with! I'm on a basic level when it comes to strength and Jonas modified everything for me so that I got a challenging but successful workout. - M, age 29
First workout in long time. Jonas was amazing. Clear instructions, making sure you push yourself without being overly pushy. Now I'm just afraid he will become so popular that I won't be able to find any free spots with him! -M, age 42
First time doing the session with Jonas and I must say it was great. He really pushed me, and the high intensity workouts are fun. I will be back. -T, 35