Elite Fitness Services



Personal Training with Car Service

As a JetBlaQ member you will receive car service to and from your hotel to TRAINER, a boutique training studio in the Mission Dolores district of San Francisco where you will have your private one-on-one training session.

Choose from a variety of training styles, including: TRX, General Fitness & Conditioning, Strength, Tone and Fit, HIIT, Crossfit-infused, Pilates & Tone up and Sport and Fit with a focus on building strength for golf. 

Following your session you will have access to a shower and enjoy complimentary towel service. Sessions are one hour long.



Workouts at your San Francisco vacation get-a-way

Finally, you have time to yourself to relax and catch up on things you've been putting off!

And, what you really need is to take care of you and your body.

It's easy to neglect taking care of your health, but not this time!

I will come to your vacation get-a-way, twice a week, and you will get your body reboot to help get you back on track with your exercise routine.



Sport & Fit for Golf

You will receive a private one-on-one training session at TRAINER, a boutique training studio in the Mission Dolores district of San Francisco.

Your training session will focus on building strength to improve your golf game.

Following your session you will have access to a shower and enjoy complimentary towel service. Sessions are one hour long.  

All JetBlaQ members receive car service to and from the session at a discounted price.


Concierge Fitness Services


Urban Exploration

Over the course of this 2.5 hour adventure, personal trainer Aaron Dence will lead you on a fun exploration all of the stairs and secret trails in and around Telegraph Hill.

You will enjoy a series of magnificent views, pass by stately homes lining the staircases, and take in the rich history of Coit Tower. Plus, there’s a good chance of spotting Telegraph Hill’s most famous residents: the wild parrots of San Francisco.

You will see three relatively unknown trails, providing some distinctive perspectives of this northeastern corner of the city.

And you will even get to see where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio posed for photos after their civil marriage ceremony.

JetBlaQ members will enjoy a delicious Italian dessert from a well-known local bakery at the end of the walk!


San Francisco "Secret Location" Workouts

Based on your personality and interests, we will select a beautiful and unique workout location that fits who you are.

We will come up with a unique place (in the city, or maybe just outside of the city) that will speak to who you are, and we will create a memorable workout experience!

You'll receive a text message, email or phone call, based on your preference, with the training location as well as any other additional information to find your secret workout spot.

Once you arrive, we'll get started with your workout!

Water, after workout snack, and complimentary towel will be provided.

Studio Location


180 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Monday-Friday 5am - 10pm
Saturday-Sunday 7am - 9pm