Jake Molina | Certified Personal Trainer

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About Jake

An expert in a broad variety of exercise and movement skills, Jake is obsessed with how all aspects of exercise are connected, and how to bridge them. He desires to elevate your fitness and safeguard it against injury and boredom. With a passion for kettlebells, hand-balancing, circus arts, animal movements, and strongman techniques, Jake believes that health and fitness is about being a jack of all trades. Having suffered from a fractured vertebra when he was younger, Jake pursued yoga and stretching styles which provided him more freedom in his day-to-day life.


My Approach

With every client, Jake aims to teach the proper form of a variety of movements, allowing
optimal, quality mobility and functionality in the gym, to produce greater freedom out of the gym.


Words of Wisdom

Stay hydrated! Dehydrating a muscle by 3% can cause a 10% loss in strength.



NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer 


Areas of Speciality


 Animal Movement

 Traditional Yoga

 Stretching and Pandiculation

 Body Awareness and Control