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Get fit in a historic San Francisco building,

four+ blocks from your office


Your employee wellness options

TRAINER San Francisco and OMpower jointly offer fitness programs and wellness services at 66 Townsend Street. We a focus on supporting your employees to make realistic changes that meet them where ever they are at with their current health and wellness. Our knowledgable team of instructors, trainers and health practitioners offer the most comprehensive employee wellness programs in the city.

Private group fitness classes for DeNA employees at OMpower

Yoga on Mon, Wed, or Fri at 11am or 1pm

Full Body & Core Workouts on Tues or Thurs at 9a, 10a, 11a, or at 1:30p


DeNA employee wellness rates: $300 for 2 group fitness classes per month, $400 for 4 group fitness classes per month


Join our current group fitness classes

Yoga on Mon, Wed, or Fri at 12pm

TRX on Wed 12:30-1:30p or Fri 12:30-1:30p (starting in 2016). 


DeNA employee wellness rates

Tiered structure based on the number of employees:

0-10 = $14 per employee

11-20 = $13 per employee

21-30 = $12 per employee

31-50 = $10 per employee


Discounted group fitness classes at OMpower

Yoga, Rowing, Cycling, TRX, Dance, Core, & Fusion classes

At OMpower, we focus on "Training for Transformation"

DeNA employee wellness rates

Monthly unlimited classes = $130 / month. (If purchased by December 31st, 2015. Minimum of 10 required for discounted rate.)

Monthly unlimited classes = $160 / month.  (If purchased on January 1st, 2015. No minimum required for discounted rate.)

Monthly unlimited class membership is normally $195/mo. 

Class passes and class packages = 10% off the total value for all DeNA employees


Health lecture series

Below are some popular health and fitness lecture series topics. We also develop custom-tailored lectures based on your needs.


Jumpstarting your fitness 

How to fit exercise into your daily life 

How my clients get results


Fitness lectures led by Aaron Dence, Certified Exercise Physiologist

Health lecture series rates for fitness: $200 for each lecture



Whole Body Reboot: Superfoods to eat for energy and supercharge fat loss

Embrace Your Hunger: How to beat the hormones that are forcing you over eat

Get Cooking: You don’t have to be a top chef to eat well

Fuel yourself for success: Eating right to increase your focus and productivity 

Food demo/tasting + workshop* 


Nutrition lectures led by Manuel Villacorta, Registered Dietitian

Health lecture series rates for nutrition: $300 for 1 lecture, $250 per lecture for 2 or more. Lectures are ~40 minutes + Q&A.

*Food Demo + workshop, $400. 


Work Body Mechanics

Desk-ergo: preventing text and laptop neck

Lifting lab: Practice proper body mechanics and mobility exercises for your job

Posture strengthening: identify posture problems and learn how to correct them


Work body mechanics lectures led by Jenny Ide-Don and Jonathan Ide-Don, Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPTs)

Health lecture series rates for general health: $250 for 1 lecture, $200 per lecture if book 2 or more lectures.



Personal training services

Discounted Personal Training services for the leadership team and employees to get them the results they want.

Gift cards

All leadership team members will get a $200 gift card towards training services. 

All employees will get $50 gift card towards training services.

Training Packages

Get Started Packages: 3 sessions for $150 (one-time purchase only)

5 Training Sessions: $450 (10% discount)

Transformation Packages

Packages include body composition assessments every month, plus monthly self-guided nutrition coaching with the ability to upgrade. 

3-months: $1200

6-months: $2100


Nutrition coaching + WholeBody Reboot

All DeNA employees will have access to our Registered Dietitian.

We have three levels of nutrition coaching, plus a 5-day WholeBody Reboot program available.

Add on options

Urban hikes

We can offer urban hikes throughout the city led by our Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Hikes are generally 1.5 - 2.5 hours in length and generally happen during the lunch-hour in various parts of the city, but can be scheduled at other times.


On-site health fairs

We can coordinate an entire health fair or work with your planning team to ensure that you have a successful event. 


Health Education and Training

Health risk appraisal Health and lifestyle evaluation shows employees how changing their habits can improve their quality of life.

Lifting lab Employees practice proper body mechanics for work and other activities.

Ask a dietitian A registered dietitian answers questions on topics such as fat grams and herbal supplements.


Fitness testing

Body composition testing Computerized feedback on body fat, muscle mass, body water, metabolic rate, and ideal weight.

Fitness screenings Aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility evaluations provide personalized feedback on how to exercise safely and effectively.

Balance testing A balance assessment can identify postural problems that can result in injuries if not corrected. 



Employees can have access to a private fitness page to ask us any health and fitness related questions in a Reddit-style format through our iPhone and Android app.

About the TRAINER SF team

We are a team of independent and hand-picked Trainers supported by a Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Registered Dietitian who work together to get you results! We also have additional health practitioners who provide continuing education and resources as needed.

While most of our clients want to tone up, lose weight and gain muscle mass, we work with people at all levels, from professional athletes to people just starting out with exercise.

Our trainers are personable, smart, fun and outgoing. They each come with various backgrounds and experiences with training. They will listen to your needs and goals to continually check in to ensure that you're making progress, one step at a time. 

Together we will push you, but we won't yell at you! :)


Studio Locations

South Beach | OMpower

66 Townsend

San Francisco, CA 94107


Mission Dolores District

180-B Guerrero Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


Residential Buildings

Mid Market | Argenta

1 Polk Street

San Francisco, CA 94102



1600 15th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103