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establish exercise habit, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and endurance, improve flexility, train for a running event (5K, 10K), Sports conditioning, injury rehabilitation, improve muscle tone, increase muscle mass, other
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improve energy level, improve nutrition, feel better overall, achieve balance in my life, reduce body fat, control cholesterol, control blood pressure, stop smoking, reduce stress, prevent or control diabetes, other
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Cancellation Policy
To cancel or change your appointment (2 business days before your session). You may cancel or change your appointment by using the TRAINER SF iPhone, Google Play App, or by contacting your trainer by text up to 2 business days before your scheduled time. What happens if you miss your appointment. If you're not able to make your appointment and you have not changed or cancelled the session within 2 business days before your session, you will be charged the full session rate. Exceptions to missed appointments/classes are: Sessions missed due to sudden illnesses or family illness (your child or immediate family member) will be charged 50% of the session rate. The reduced missed appointment rate can be used two times within a one year period. What you should do if you cannot make your appointment/class and it's within the 2 business day window: Send your trainer an email and text message as soon as you know that you will not be able to make it. They will do their best to assist you with your appointment.